Tailwind CSS Tables

Tables are essential to display data in different structures and views. Here are a few unique tables crafted for plain Tailwind CSS by TailGrids. Tables Tailwin...

Pricing Comparison TableFree

A table designed to compare prices of different products or services, with alternating row colours for improved readability. It features a header row with column labels and data rows with pricing information and CTA buttons.

E-commerce Product Inventory Table

A product inventory table with columns for product name (with image), category, price, items sold, and profit. Includes an ellipsis button for additional actions like edit and delete.

Inbox Table with Search and Pagination

A table component for displaying email inbox messages. This style includes columns for the sender name, subject, and date, with a checkbox for selection. Includes a search bar and pagination controls for easy navigation.

Invoice Table with Status Badges and Actions

A table component designed to display invoice information. It includes columns for package name, date, status (paid, unpaid, pending), and actions (view, download). It offers a clear overview and quick access to actions.

Multi-Select Product Table with Filter

A table component designed to display a list of products with checkboxes for selection. It features a search bar to filter products and dropdown menus for sorting and customizing the number of items displayed per page.

Order Management Table with Filtering and Sorting

A table component for managing customer orders includes date range filters, search, and sortable columns. Displays customer info, product details, order numbers, dates, and status badges. Includes a "Confirm Order" button for pending orders.

Project Status Table

A table displaying project names, start and end dates and an "Edit" button for managing each project. This component offers a concise overview of the project timeline.

User Leave Request Table

A table component that displays user leave requests focusing on status. It includes name, leave type, date range, duration, and status columns. Each row also features a dropdown menu for additional actions.

User Management Table

A table designed to display user data in an organized format. It includes columns for name, title, email address, and role, along with an "Edit" button for each user, allowing easy management of user details.

User Table with Email and Role Details

A table component displaying user information, including name, title, email, and role. It has a clean design, customizable headers, and an action menu for editing, deleting, or viewing details.

User Table with Status and Role Management

A table component designed for displaying and managing user information. This table includes name, job title, account status, and role columns. Each row includes an "Edit" button for easy detail modification.