Tailwind CSS Blogs

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Recent Blog GridFree

This component features a grid layout of recent blog posts, enabling quick browsing of the latest news and updates. Each post includes a title, publication date, brief description, and an image for visual appeal.

Blog Details with Comment Section

This component provides a comprehensive view of a blog post, including its content and an interactive comment section. It enables users to dive deep into the details of the blog post while also facilitating engagement and interaction through comments.

Blog Details with Sidebar and Newsletter

This component provides a detailed view of a blog post with a sidebar featuring additional content and features. It offers users a comprehensive experience by showcasing the post alongside related and popular articles, plus a newsletter subscription form.

Modern Blog Cards with Action Icon

These modern blog cards offer a sleek design for showcasing the latest blog posts. Each card includes essential details like tags, publication dates, titles, and brief descriptions. The cards feature a dark background with rounded edges. Additionally, an action icon button lets users interact with the content, enhancing user engagement.

Recent Blog Grid with Side Cards

This component displays recent blog posts in a grid layout with side cards for extra content. Main blog cards show titles, subtitles, descriptions, and "Read More" links, each with an image. Side cards offer additional post previews with similar details without images.

Recent Blog with Newsletter Subscription

This component showcases the latest blog articles with images and brief details, encouraging quick browsing of recent content. Each item includes an image, topic subtitle, title, publication date, and comment count. Moreover, it offers a newsletter subscription form to keep users updated.

Recent Blog With Sorting Option

This component presents a grid layout of recent blog articles, allowing users to browse through the latest content easily. Each article has an image, author details, a title, and a brief description. Additionally, users can sort the articles based on popularity or other criteria.

Tech and Tools Blog Highlights

This section highlights the blog with modern design and key details. Each item has a relevant image and a subject title. Tags like "tech" and "tools" aid navigation, while the publication date adds context. The sleek, dark theme enhances readability.