Stay updated on what's new and improved in TailGrids. Explore our changelog for the latest features, improvements, and resolved issues.

Current Version: 2.2.0

(Released May 05, 2024)

  • Added over 100 new components.
  • 50+ core components added.
  • All Templates are now available for React and HTML.
  • Updated the core style guide.
  • Refreshed the file structure.
  • Updated the plugin, reducing plugin dependency for components.
  • Updated the version of Tailwind CSS and other dependencies.

Version: 2.1.0

(Released October 31, 2023)

We've significantly expanded our component library, introduced new templates, and updated Figma source files. Also, TailGrids components are now available for React and Vue.js!


  • 600+ Tailwind UI Components for - HTML, React, Vue, and Figma
  • 13 Ready to Use Templates
  • Figma Source Files


  • 20+ New Core Components
  • 40+ New Marketing and App UI Components
  • TailGrids Components for Vue.js - TailGrids Vue Version
  • Tailgrids Components for React - TailGrids React Version
  • Updated Figma File with New UI Components
  • Convert Figma design source into Reusable components and design system

Bug Fixes:

(Please list any bugs that have been fixed.)

Planned Features and Updates

  • React Version of Templates ( In Development)
  • 50 New UI Components
  • 2 New Templates

Version 2.0.0

(Released: February, 2023)

This major release doubled our components, introduced dark mode, and expanded our components & example templates.

  • 600+ Tailwind UI Components (200+ Newly Added)
  • 12 Templates (8 Newly Added)
  • Dark mode for all Components
  • Updated Figma File with New UI Components
  • 2 E-Commerce Templates
  • 90+ Advanced | Core, Marketing and App UI Components
  • 50+ Dashboard UI Components
  • 100+ eCommerce Components

Version 1.1.0

(Released: March, 2022)

We focused on enhancing your design experience with Figma integration and new templates.

  • 2 New Templates
  • Figma Source for UI Components
  • Responsive Buttons / Viewport
  • Dedicated Templates Gallery

Initial Release

(Released: February, 2022)

The journey began! We launched TailGrids with a strong foundation of components and templates.

  • Initial 300+ UI Components
  • 2 Example Templates
  • NPM Package for Open Source Version