Tailwind CSS Select Box

Looking for a select box style that allows your users to choose more than a single value at a time? If yes, then you have come to the right place! TailGrids - T...

Address Selection Options

This component provides users with selectable address options for shipping, including details such as location and additional notes. Users can easily toggle between options using buttons, making it convenient to choose the most suitable shipping address during checkout.

Interactive Select List

This component presents users with an interactive list of selectable options. Each option is accompanied by a checkbox, allowing users to make multiple selections with ease. As users toggle through the list, selected options are highlighted for clear visibility.

Member Selector with Checkbox

This component allows users to select team members by showcasing their names, positions, and profile pictures with convenient checkboxes for each member.

Shipping Option Selector

This component simplifies the process of selecting shipping options by displaying various shipping methods, along with their respective delivery times and prices. Users can easily toggle between options for a streamlined checkout experience.