Tailwind CSS UI Components, Blocks and Templates

Ready to use Tailwind CSS UI Kit Components, Blocks, Sections, and Templates Specially Crafted for Web Apps, Marketing, E-Commerce, Dashboard, and More.

500+ multipurpose, free and premium Tailwind UI components that you can copy-paste and also empowers you to build high-quality custom website interfaces. Such as data-rich dashboards, e-commerce shops, web app user interfaces, high-converting landing pages, complete website frontends, site templates, and more - without coding or designing from scratch.

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Main Features

All essential UI components and features you can expect from a complete UI library to get started with your Tailwind CSS web project

500+ UI Components

Beautifully designed 500+ UI Components for different types of UI, you can copy-paste and start using with any Tailwind CSS web project.

Easy to Use

Easy to use copy-paste interface and without any complex dependencies. Copy-paste the code snippet and paste it anywhere on your tailwind project or start a new one.

Universal UI Toolkit

Though TailGrids powered by Alpine.js, Tailwind gives advantage of using same code snippet with any framework or library such as - React, Vue, etc. without rewriting entire component.

Tailwind CSS

Based on latest version of Tailwind CSS and interactions are handled by Alpine.js, super minimal yet powerful to provide best possible developer and coding experience.

Refreshing Design

Clean, refreshing, and high-quality design that gives positive vibes to end-users. TailGrids maintains a consistent and clean design by following modern trends with clarity.

Developer Friendly

Developer experience is our #1 priority, entire library is designed, coded, and organized in a way that saves hundreds of hours development time and increases productivity.

Figma Source File

Full Figma design source file will be provided depending on the plan you are in, so you can use it to prototype, experiment, play or adjust depending on requirements.

Example Templates

12+ ready-to-use example templates for dashboard, ecommerce, landing page, business and more. Crafted using the existing TailGrids UI components, provided with the download package.

Fully Responsive

Fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers, every single element of TailGrids is cross-tested on all major browsers and mobile screen sizes.

500+ Essential UI Components and Counting

Handcrafted, ready-to-use, diverse, free and premium UI components for rapid MVP development. Just Browse, copy-paste, and you're done!


Pixel Perfect Tailwind UI Components that you can copy-paste

Building Web User-interface using Tailwind CSS has never been easier. All you need to choose a block you need and copy-paste the block on your project.

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Everything That You Can Expect From a Progressive UI Library

One-time payment, rich-documentation and human support and much more ...

Free and Pro Components

Besides Premium plans, TailGrids also provides a free core version. With decent number of free UI components which is completely free and open-source.

Rich Documentation

Dedicated documentation site where well-explained everything you need to know. So you can kickstart your project in a minute.

Premier Support

Stuck with something, confused or need help? we are here ready to help. Chat us on discord or submit support ticket, we will get back to you withing 24hrs.

Regular updates

Updates are lifeline of a quality product, we will keep updating components depending on latest Tailwind CSS release also keep including more components in major updates

One-time Payment

Yes, there is no recurring payments or monthly fee or update fee. You pay one-time get access to components for lifetime and use for lifetime with your projects.

Developer Friendly

Components are coded in way that, all you need to copy-paste. Every single components are well-documented with comments.

Complete UI Toolkit for Tailwind

Massive number of components, templates, open-source version, free perks and more ...


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GitHub Stars

Wall of Love

Reviews and testimonials from users

TailGrids is such a great help when comes to building landing page and web app UI for Tailwind CSS web projects with just copy-paste method! is really liked the design and it is easy to get started which saves tons of time & money for developers and designers with Figma files & source code!

Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq

Serial Entrepreneur, Singapore

TailGrids comes with all the essential UI components you need to create beautiful websites based on Tailwind CSS. The design consistency & variations of UI components, clean codebase, copy-paste interface, and detailed documentation made this UI library very organized & super easy to use.

Marko Denic

Marko Denic

Developer Advocate and Software Engineer

Since I like doing engineering parts only, designing and coding landing pages is great blocker for me while I develop MVPs or try to validate a new product idea. TailGrids seems have great collection of UI components that also comes relevant contents and Figma file that I can use to play or create prototype before diving into code.

Athar Ahmed
Athar Ahmed

Founder, ScrapeOwl and Senior Software Engineer @Aide

A landing page is the first thing your customers will see before even trying the project. You want to make sure it looks great, and this is where TailGrids comes to help! It provides a collection of beautiful hand-crafted uniquely-looking components that you can use to build your startup website, web application, or dashboard.

Ostap Brehin
Ostap Brehin

Fullstack Developer and Building NotionMailer

I Didn’t try their coded version yet but reviewed the Figma source file for design guidelines, consistency, and design quality of components. I must say, these components feel extensive, minimal, and highly customizable in many cases. Looking forward to seeing upcoming UI components and whats they offer next.

Abu Umayer
Abu Umayer

Manager, Product Design @Truck Lagbe

Having used almost all the Tailwind CSS UI toolkits and resources, I can confidently say that TailGrids is the easiest and most comprehensive Tailwind UI Library with almost all essential Tailwind CSS components you may need to build web UI faster. Specially, code explorer and copy-paste inteface is time-saver. Highly recommended!

Kamal Hosen
Kamal Hosen

Software Developer @HappyAddons

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