Tailwind CSS Maps

Maps are an important part of Dashboards as they help in transforming a workspace data into a 2D/3D map. This means that you can enjoy quick access to landmarks...

Interactive Map of US with State Statistics

This is an interactive map of the United States that displays statistics about each state on hover. This component visualizes data for each state and allows users to explore the information easily.

Interactive US Map with State Labels

This is an interactive map of the United States, with state names appearing when you hover over them. It also includes zoom controls to adjust the view. This component is useful for visualizing geographical data or providing an interactive way for users to explore US regions.

Website Traffic Map with Country Distribution

This is an interactive world map that visualizes website traffic by country. Users can hover over countries to see the number of sessions from each region. The component also includes a summary of the top countries' respective percentages of total sessions and a dropdown to filter.

World Map with Sales Markers

An interactive world map visualization that displays sales data by region. This component features markers on specific countries indicating their sales volume, allowing users to identify top-performing areas quickly. It also includes zoom controls for a more detailed view.