Tailwind CSS List Styles Components

Tailwind CSS List Styles crafted by TailGrids - custom, accessible list styles that you can use as a foundation for building your own. They're easy to use out of the box, and can be applied to any list or menu item. List groups are powerful and flexible components that help in displaying a line or series of content on a website. They can be extended or modified to support any kind of content that lies within. You can even use contextual classes in order to style listed items the powerful backgrounds that attract your audiences. List styles Tailwind CSS components are one of the most appreciated Tailwind sections offered by TailGrids. These accessible and custom list styles can be used as the perfect foundation for building your very own project from the ground box. The best thing about these Tailwind CSS components is that they are out of the box, unique, and super easy to use. Hence, you can apply them to any menu or list item with ease and without any hassle.