Tailwind CSS Headers & Hero Area Components

Headers and hero area UI components crafted for Tailwind CSS by TailGrids. One hero area is kinda must have for almost any marketing site or landing page. Header Tailwind component can help you get some amazing templates for your website’s header or hero area. These Tailwind CSS UI components are crafted by TailGrids and are perfect for designing your landing page or website. It is ideal for all kinds of marketing websites because it is easily customizable and can be adapted to almost every type of requirement. The Tailwind CSS offers a lot of scope for personalization. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and much more. Tailwind Sections offer a lot of possibilities to make your website user-friendly and attract more visitors. TailGrids has created thirteen header styles that you can choose from, and you also get to try one out for free. You can also choose to go for one of the Pro designs, depending on your requirements.