Tailwind CSS Form Elements

Curated collection of Tailwind CSS Form styles and examples, created by TailGrids. It includes a variety of form layouts, examples, use cases, and more. If you ...

Input Field VariationsFree

This is a comprehensive set of input field components showcasing various styles (default, active, disabled), types (name, email, company name, currency), and validation states (valid, invalid, strong password).

File Upload Form ElementFree

This section contains various file upload components like default file input, upload file input with a border, and attachments input with a drag-and-drop area.

Select Input DropdownFree

A select input component that allows users to choose single or multiple options, which are then displayed as removable tags.

Textarea Field with Multiple StylesFree

A collection of textarea components showcasing various styles (default, active, disabled) and a specialized message textarea.