Tailwind CSS Steps

Steps or process components are a great way to simplify the content on an app or website and give details to the users or your target audience in the most simpl...

Progress Cards

This component features a set of progress cards that visually represent the status of various process steps. Each card displays the step number, name, and current status, using different styles and colors to indicate completion, in progress, or pending states.

Progress Step Cards

This component showcases a series of steps in a vertical card layout. Each step includes a number, name, and a brief description, with completed steps visually distinguished by a highlighted border.

Progress Steps

This component visualizes a multi-step process, displaying each step with a number and name. It provides clear indicators of step completion, ongoing steps, and pending steps, aiding users in navigating through complex tasks like form submissions or checkout processes.

Progress Steps with Details

This component represents a step-by-step process with added context, displaying titles and details for each step. It offers a more informative visualization of progress, aiding users in understanding the purpose of each step and what actions are required.

Progress Steps with Indicator

This component clearly indicates progress through sequential steps. Its minimalist design elements and intuitive markers simplify user navigation and enhance comprehension of the process flow.

Radial Progress Indicator

This component utilizes a radial chart to represent progress visually. With a minimalist design and clear data labels, it offers an intuitive way to convey completion status. The chart's dynamic presentation enhances user engagement and comprehension of progress towards a goal.

Simple Progress Steps

This component displays a series of steps, suitable for processes with a clear sequential flow. Each step is represented with a number and a name, with completed steps highlighted. Arrows between steps indicate progression, making it easy for users.

Step Progress Tracker

This component serves as a step-by-step progress tracker, enabling users to visualize their journey through a series of tasks or stages. Each step is represented with a clear label and an icon indicating its completion status.