Tailwind CSS Error Pages Components

404 and Error Pages crafted with Tailwind CSS by TailGrids. If you are looking for error pages Tailwind components, you might end your search here. There are three beautifully crafted design options for error pages on Tailwind CSS. It can be important to add an error page so that the users are taken to this page in case of a broken link or unavailable page information. Hence, keeping this page attractive yet simple can be a great idea. With these Tailwind CSS UI components, you will be able to incorporate the error page on your landing page or website easily. You can even adapt it depending on the type of page you are designing. The Tailwind sections ensure that it is completely robust and can be incorporated with all kinds of needs. Moreover, one of the designs under this category is absolutely free. However, if you are looking for something extra, there are two more designs that fall under the pro version, and you might have to pay for them.