Tailwind CSS Profiles

A profile is an important part of any website or app as it showcases important information about an individual with a snapshot of your attributes displayed perf...

Compact Profile Card with Edit Option

This component offers a compact, sleek profile card design for displaying essential information. It includes features like a profile picture, name, profession, and a brief bio section with an edit button for customization options. Additionally, it presents key metrics count in a visually appealing manner.

Modern Rounded Profile Card

This profile card features a sleek design with rounded elements and a blur effect for added visual appeal. It includes a cover image and circular profile picture, along with name, profession, and bio details in the center.Also, Social links are provided for connectivity.

Personal Profile Card

This component is a personal profile card with interactive features for uploading cover and profile pictures. It displays essential information like name, profession, a brief bio, and social media links, perfect for showcasing individuals on the platforms.

Stylish Profile Showcase

This modern profile showcase features a dynamic design with a cover image and circular profile picture. It features name, profession, and bio with social links to facilitate easy connectivity, while follower and following counts add to the social interaction.