Tailwind CSS Portfolios Components

Portfolios, work showcase, projects UI components coded in Tailwind CSS, must have section for business, agency and personal sites to showcase past works and featured projects. The Portfolio Tailwind component is perfect to showcase your projects or your profile. The style created by TailGrids is based on Tailwind CSS and is a responsive design, so it works perfectly on all kinds of devices. Tailwind Sections allow you to be more flexible in your design ideas. With these styles, you can showcase your past projects, featured products as an individual, as an agency, or as a business. The Tailwind CSS UI component makes it more versatile and offers a lot of scope for customization. You can adapt it completely as per your needs. In addition to that, there are six portfolio style designs that have been created by TailGrids. So, you can choose one of them and start working on your profile. You can even go for the free version and play around with the design.