Tailwind CSS Auth/Sign In/Up

Authentication, sign in, sign up, login, registration forms for Tailwind CSS by TailGrids. The Signin-Signup Tailwind component can help in developing another i...

Form with Social LoginFree

A user-friendly sign-in form with input fields for email and password, a "Sign In" button, and options for social login (Facebook, X, Google). Also includes links for password reset and creating an account.

Form with Accent Color

A visually striking sign-in form with a minimalist aesthetic. It features a logo, username/email and password fields, and a bold 'Sign In' button. Additional options like "Forgot Password?" and "Sign Up Now".

Sign-Up Form with Illustration

A sign-up form with a clean, modern design features an eye-catching illustration and CTA button. The form includes fields for email and password, with password strength, and allows users to sign up with Google for convenience.

Sign-Up Form with Illustration and Social Login

A visually captivating sign-up form with username, email, and password fields, offering Google or Facebook registration options, a terms of service checkbox, and a prominent 'Create Account' button.

Sign-Up Form with Social Media and Terms

A visually appealing sign-up form that includes input fields for a user's name, username, email address, and password, along with options for signing up with Google, Facebook, or X. Also, features a checkbox for agreeing to terms and conditions.

Sign-Up Form with Social Options

A clean sign-up form with input fields for full name, email, password, and a "Get Started" button. Additionally, it provides social login options for user convenience.

Split-Screen Sign-In Form with Background Illustration

A visually engaging sign-in form with a split-screen layout. The left side includes email and password fields, a "Sign In" button, and links for forgotten passwords and sign-ups. The right side features a colourful illustration and a welcome message.

Split-Screen Sign-In Form with Background Image

A split-screen sign-in form with a background image on the left and an image on the right. The right side includes email and password fields, a "Remember Me" checkbox, links for forgot passwords and create account, and social sign-in options.