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This part of the documentation covers everything you need to know to start a React project with TailGrids. This version of TailGrids is based on TailGrids Core (open-source), which was developed specifically for React, so anyone can use TailGrids Components with their React projects flawlessly.


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Adding TailGrids to React Project

To be able to use TailGrids with your React project You need to install the tailgrids package from npm.

npm i tailgrids

Then, configure tailwind.config.js file.

Next, download our TailGrids React download package by logging in to your TailGrids account. Once you have access, you can browse the available components and choose the ones that best suit your needs.


-Please note that when importing certain components, you must import them manually using the relative path.

-For components that require external packages, be sure to install those packages as needed.

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