Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to the Getting Started section of TailGrids documentation! This section will guide you through the steps to quickly get started with TailGrids, a powerful Tailwind CSS UI library.

Ready to accelerate your web development and build stunning, responsive websites using TailGrids?

Dive into this guide and explore the effortless setup process.


For the fastest way to set up and run, execute the following command in your Tailwind CSS project's terminal to install TailGrids via NPM.

Here’s how you can add TailGrids to your existing Tailwind CSS project:

1. Install TailGrids NPM (opens in a new tab) package:

npm i tailgrids
  1. Add the TailGrids plugin to your tailwind.config.js file.
module.exports = {
  // Your existing Tailwind CSS configuration goes here
  plugins: [require("tailgrids/plugin")],

Note: Your tailwind.config.js file looks different from the one above. Check out the TailwindCSS docs to see how to install it for your correlating project.

3. Browse components (opens in a new tab) and copy-paste components you like on your projects and start using them!

That's it! TailGrids is now ready to be used in your project. 🚀