Welcome to the Figma Components section of TailGrids documentation! Here, we'll explore leveraging TailGrids Figma UI Kit directly within your Figma designs.

Get ready to integrate pre-designed TailGrids components seamlessly into your Figma designs. Learn how to access, utilize, and customize them to effectively enhance your design workflow and productivity.

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How to Access TailGrids Figma Components

Step #1: Access the TailGrids Figma File

You can access the TailGrids Figma file directly from the Figma community file, or if you're a TailGrids Pro member, you can download it from the account's download section.

Step #2: Duplicate the File

Within Figma, duplicate the TailGrids file to create your working copy. This ensures you can freely customize components without affecting the original file.

How to Access TailGrids Figma Components

Browse and Find: Explore the TailGrids Figma library to locate the necessary components. Use the search feature or navigate through organized component categories.

Copy and Paste: Select the desired component(s) and copy them directly from the Figma file. Paste them into your own Figma design project.

Customization: Use Figma's powerful design tools to tailor the components to your specifications. Adjust colors, typography, layout, and more.


Using a TailGrids Button Component

  1. Locate a Card: Search the TailGrids Figma file for the "button" or browse relevant component sections.
  2. Copy and Paste: Select the desired button component and copy it. Paste it into your Figma project.
  3. Customize: You can modify the button content by replacing placeholder text and adjusting the colors and layout to match your design vision.

💡 Important Note: Ensure you have a Figma account to access and use the TailGrids Figma file.

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