Advance Usage

Advance Usage

Welcome to the Advanced Usage section of TailGrids Documentation. This section guides you through advanced techniques for fine-tuning your templates' styling, customization, and functionality.

Ready to customize your TailGrids templates like a pro?


Before we dive into advanced customization techniques, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS (especially Tailwind CSS), and JavaScript.
  • Basic knowledge of TailGrids Components.

Checkout the detailed guide for:

Styling & Customization

Modify tailwind.config.js to control the visual appearance of your templates. Go beyond basic Tailwind classes to explore template structure modifications, component creation, and seamless integration of your unique design system.

Learn how to change colors, fonts, spacing, and best practices for in-depth customization.


With Alpine.js, you can add interactive elements and enhance user experience. Learn how to configure Alpine.js to add functionality like a sticky navbar.

Let's Dive Deeper!